Self Help Books to Help Overcome the Little Things

images (2)Now have you ever actually read any self help books? A personal friend of mine had one sitting in his living room the last time I was over. At first glance I saw it and began poking fun at him, but he claimed that it was self help books that helped him through a rough patch with his job and his relationship. I’ll admit I always though self help books were just a money grab by the publishers, but after taking a closer look at it I quickly changed my opinion. I changed my view so much so that I just recently purchased a self help book for my brother. When I first gave it to him he thought I was some how making fun of him. When in reality I really wanted to help. He took the book read it , loved it and now recommends self help books to his friends. Since no one is perfect it’s pretty safe to say that at some point in our lives we all require help in some way or another. Whether we find that help from a professional or a book the key is that it’s better to get that help sooner then later.